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Strain Review (Sunset MAC Kush Mints by Capulator)

In this video we review a newer strain from Capulator: Sunset MAC x Kush Mints.

Songs in the video:
Lakey Inspired – City of Angels
Setzer – Juice
Lakey Inspired – Overjoyed
Lakey Inspired – Saydee

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White Cookie Strain Review!!

Music used in video:

“Limp Wrist” By $UICIDEBOY$

“Durango ‘95 (A Real Horror Show)” By $UICIDEBOY$

“What The Fuck is Happening” By $UICIDEBOY$

I hope you guys enjoyed the video and hopefully you guys were getting high with me and you guys have a good day and stay safe and stay fried!

This video is for those who are 21+, smoke weed in an legal state/country or for those who use medical cannabis and have a card given to you by your doctor!

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Wedding Mints By Mohave Reserve Strain Review

Another killer review for all my fellow stoners out here keeping it lit 🔥🔥💨💨🍻🍻

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MAC “Alien Miracle Cookies” Marijuana Strain, 3.5 Grams of Flower Review In 4K Rocky Mountain Quads

This is a video is a full product review for the marijuana strain MAC “Miracle Alien Cookies”, from Rocky Mountain Quads, in Hamilton Ontario.
In the form of flower and in the weight of 3.5 Grams.