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Month: May 2021

Wino strain review with talk about Keeping Promises

Wow, I gotta say that Wino from Arctic Herbery is strong! I review Wino while attempting to talk about keeping promises, especially to your own kids.

I love the aroma! I used to visit the botanical gardens back in Brooklyn where the best smells can be found and these buds remind me of some of the flowers there. I want to say that it smells like tulips but it has been a while since I smelled some. It is definitely a sweet earthy flower that takes me back to those beautiful gardens. Speaking of beautiful, these buds are frosty with a great trim job. Arctic Herbery cultivated this batch very well and it has a THC of 26.50% with terps at 2.72%

Expect smooth to mild hits which taste like it smells but more earthy. There is an aftertaste that lingers on the tongue and it reminds me of green apple tartness, I really like it! This is a strong sativa that caught me off guard. It quickly passed my moderation point. The first few hits gave me a mild head buzz and a light body high. Halfway through the first bowl I struggled to stay focused and concentrate. My memory went out the window and I felt SO GOOD! The high is really pleasant. I recommend blazing this strain when you want to wind down for the day and chill. Really nice grow Arctic Herbery!

Today I talk about keeping promises. Luckily I managed to explain the importance of keeping promises to your kids before the weed messed with my head. If there is anything you can get out of this is to know what you can commit to when making a promise and to be honest in what you can do. Do not burn yourself out making promises you cannot keep. I did not get to mention that always breaking promises can take a huge toll on the way you feel about yourself and others. So know what you are capable of and always be honest!

Do you keep your promises?

【大麻レビュー】BC PinkKush by FLOWR – Indica/Hybrid | Cannabis Review ♯3

What I reviewed this time↓

Brand Name: FLOWR | Product Name: BC Pink Kush | Strain Lineage: Pink Kush | Types of Effect: Indica/Hybrid | THC Total: 206 mg/g | CBD Total: 1 mg/g

Amount: 3.5 g | Price: $44.39 + Tax | Packaged on: 2020 – 9 – 1

BC Pink Kush

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from Epidemic Sound

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STRAIN REVIEW | Chill Out Karen

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