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Review: 999 by Klutch Cannabis (Ohio Medical Marijuana Strain)

NOTE: 420 OHIO will be taking a brief fall break beginning September 2020. We’ll be back in October with fresh reviews!

This week, we check back with Klutch Cannabis in Akron to profile 999, one of their hottest, and latest, Josh D strains. Learn more about this mind-bending indica flower.

Full text review here:

Ohio Medical Marijuana Strain Review: 999 by Klutch Cannabis

Strain Name: 999
Brand Name: Klutch Cannabis
Ohio Cultivator: Klutch in Akron, OH

Type: Indica
Cross: Tahoe OG Kush, Triangle Kush, & Biker Kush

Total THC: 21.80%

Total CBD: 0.00%
Notable Terpenes: Limonene, Myrcene, Caryophyllene

Review, Images & Artwork by: Randy L. Shaffer
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