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Willy Wonka OG Marijuana Strain Review for 3.5 Grams of Flower In 4K “Rocky Mountain Quads Genetics”

This video is a full product review for the marijuana strain Willy Wonka OG, from Rocky Mountain Quads, in Hamilton Ontario.
In the form of flower and in the weight of 3.5 Grams.

Gushers – Heavy $70 Flower – Connected | Arizona Cannabis Reviews

We’re very proud to partner with Industrial Hemp Farms to bring Flannel and Flame viewers top tier bulk CBD products! Oils, lotions, top shelf flower, and even DELTA 8 THC PRODUCTS! Check them out and help support the channel by shopping at http://bit.ly/3oNsGvw

We’ve added chapter markers to make it quicker for you to watch our videos in a rush:
0:00 – Apologies and updates
1:27 – Why I picked this up
2:40 – Strain Cross Info
3:08 – Smelling the Flower
4:15 – Looking at the Flower
4:57 – Industrial Hemp Farms
6:40 – Smoking the Weed
6:52 – Taste
7:15 – Potency
8:32 – Effects
9:04 – Who I recommend this for
10:27 – Saying goo’bye

In this video:
Connected Gushers: $65/3.5 at Harvest
Gelato #41 x Triangle Kush
Looks: Dark green with a little bit of purple and lavender throughout. Small buds.
Smell: Funky, with a little sweetness like Zkittlez or Runtz.
Feel: Dry, but the insides are still a little sticky.
Taste: Funky and stays around for a while (about 40 mins)
Potency: Extremely potent, hits me harder than some of the concentrates I’ve been dabbing lately.
Effects: Really heavy in the body and legs, but not much of a head change. Other strains from Connected gave me head fog, but this mainly effected my body.

Connected and Alien Labs have been my daily drivers recently now that prices have skyrocketed in AZ. It really works well for me, and the potency and long-lasting effects mean that I can make it last longer than eighths around the same price point.

MAC “Alien Miracle Cookies” Marijuana Strain, 3.5 Grams of Flower Review In 4K Rocky Mountain Quads

This is a video is a full product review for the marijuana strain MAC “Miracle Alien Cookies”, from Rocky Mountain Quads, in Hamilton Ontario.
In the form of flower and in the weight of 3.5 Grams.

Kosher Kush From Rythm GTI Strain Review

LT. BigBud and I review the fantastic Kosher Kush from Rythm GTI!!
If you want to see more strain reviews go ahead and subscribe, because I have more coming!

Stoney Rating: 8.5/10


Papaya Punch Marijuana Strain Review 1Gram Of Flower In 4K “Rocky Mountain Quads Genetics”

This is a video is a full product review for the marijuana strain Papaya Punch, from Rocky Mountain Quads, in Hamilton Ontario.
In the form of flower and in the weight of 1 Gram..

385/oz! GMO CRASHER SUB X Strain Review by Subdued Excitement Grown Near Canada Artisanal Flower

-30% industry discount…..wow this strain is fire, mellow yet gassy. has a flavor pack inside…to balance humidity.

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Pink Kush Marijuana Strain 3.5 Grams of Flower Review With Details In 4K “Pure Sunfarms Genetics”

This video is a product review for the product by Pure Sunfarms, Pink Kush Marijuana Strain 3.5 grams of bud.
I open the package on video, showing you the buds, and give you a full product review, with all details online about it.
I also throw in any pictures of the buds and related products of the strain..
This is a Canadian Dispensary Edible from a legal Cannabis retailer.

We Tried The Strongest Flower In Canada | Edison Cannabis Co.

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