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Gelato Strain

Alien Labs Galactic Gas Hybrid Cannabis Strain Review

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Alien Labs – https://www.alienlabs.org

A mix of Gelato #45 x Gelato #41 Galactic Gas is an Indoor cannabis strain that is an indica dominate hybrid. With THC levels around 20% Galactic Gas puts the negative thoughts to rest with improved mood and creativity, typically feeling relaxed.

Weed Maps Galactic Gas Indoor hybrid Strain Information – https://weedmaps.com/brands/alien-labs/products/alien-labs-galactic-gas-indoor

Leafly Galactic Gas indoor hybrid strain information – https://www.leafly.com/products/details/alienlabs-galactic-gas-flower

All Bud Galactic Gas Strain Indoor Hybrid information – https://www.allbud.com/marijuana-strains/indica-dominant-hybrid/galactic-gas

IHeartJane Alien Labs Galactic Gas Strain Indoor Hybrid information – https://www.iheartjane.com/products/100068/alien-labs-galactic-gas

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Gushers – Heavy $70 Flower – Connected | Arizona Cannabis Reviews

We’re very proud to partner with Industrial Hemp Farms to bring Flannel and Flame viewers top tier bulk CBD products! Oils, lotions, top shelf flower, and even DELTA 8 THC PRODUCTS! Check them out and help support the channel by shopping at http://bit.ly/3oNsGvw

We’ve added chapter markers to make it quicker for you to watch our videos in a rush:
0:00 – Apologies and updates
1:27 – Why I picked this up
2:40 – Strain Cross Info
3:08 – Smelling the Flower
4:15 – Looking at the Flower
4:57 – Industrial Hemp Farms
6:40 – Smoking the Weed
6:52 – Taste
7:15 – Potency
8:32 – Effects
9:04 – Who I recommend this for
10:27 – Saying goo’bye

In this video:
Connected Gushers: $65/3.5 at Harvest
Gelato #41 x Triangle Kush
Looks: Dark green with a little bit of purple and lavender throughout. Small buds.
Smell: Funky, with a little sweetness like Zkittlez or Runtz.
Feel: Dry, but the insides are still a little sticky.
Taste: Funky and stays around for a while (about 40 mins)
Potency: Extremely potent, hits me harder than some of the concentrates I’ve been dabbing lately.
Effects: Really heavy in the body and legs, but not much of a head change. Other strains from Connected gave me head fog, but this mainly effected my body.

Connected and Alien Labs have been my daily drivers recently now that prices have skyrocketed in AZ. It really works well for me, and the potency and long-lasting effects mean that I can make it last longer than eighths around the same price point.

Umbongo strain review

Ow doooo people. We have a absolute cracker for you today. It’s a new strain on the scene Umbongo ( Orange Slush X Gelato ). What can I say about this strain . The taste really is something else . First you start off with a beautiful mixture of sweet, zesty and fresh orange 🍊 followed by an absolute absolute tropical mix then followed on with a beautiful creamy gassy taste that absolutely fills your mouth 👄. And a bloody good high to follow. Definitely one of the best of 2020 so far 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Big thanks at Blacksheep botanicals for this lovely sample💚
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Strain Review: Gelato #33 (North Country Pharms) #2

#NorthCountryPharms #Gelato #Cannabis

This video is intended for those 18+

• Gelato #33 Lab Results •
Batch: Gel-201223
Packaged: 01/15/2021
Total THC: 28.83%
Total CBD: 0.0%
Total Cannabinoids: 28.83%
UID: 1A406030000D100000000603
Cali-Cann Distribution LLC
My Score: 8.5/10

This video was Recorded 04/08/2021 @2pm

• Strain •
Gelato #33

• Strain Crosses •
Sunset Sherbert x Thin Mint GSC

• Sunset Sherbert Crosses •
Pink Panties x Girl Scout Cookies

• Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies Crosses •
OG Kush x Durban Poison

• Gelato #33 Taste •
– Creamy
– Sweet
– Slight Vanilla
– Gassy
– Pungent
– Herbal

• Gelato #33 Aroma •
– Sweet
– Slight Vanilla
– Ice Cream like
– Dark

• Gelato #33 Effects •
– Potent Cerebral Head Change
– Very Relaxing Body Sedation
– Heavy Eyes While Making You Sleepy
– Long Lasting High
– Couch Locked
Recommended for nighttime use

• Gelato #33 Texture •
– Perfect texture for breaking down
– Sticky but not excessive either
– Snaps perfectly

This North Country Pharms 8th goes for 60$
Excellent price for the quality

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Dispensary Pickup Hotbox | CRAZY New Strain! (mini strain review)

18+ To Hangout ||| 21+ To Smoke With Me
#Dispensary #stoner #weed

welcome back to another video!
this video i make it almost like a quick dispensary weed haul but since we only picked up 2 strains i thought id try something different ! i had to get a old favorite of mine the gelato cake which is still keeping the title as my most consistent and dank weed strain! on the other hand though we got a CRAZY new strain in this dispensary pickup hotbox which was very surprising, It hit hard!
this is also like a mini strain review!

leave in the comments what you’re smoking on! what strain and how youre smoking!

Leave a comment if your smoking on some legal weed or if not leave a comment also, We’re All having a good time! were going to be buying dabs more in these hauls also!
backwood hotbox coming soon

budder or live resin sugar ?

i want to check out la, detriot and even a florida dispensary soon!
I can finally try new concentrates an dab live resIn and diamonds!
should i do a only thc concentrate haul??

Email: Fabiookalemaj@gmail.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fabio.kalemaj
Twitter: https://twitter.com/fabiankalemaj

since your all the way down here..

Quick Dispensary Weed Haul 14

Big Backwoods Hotbox | Weed Haul NEW STRAIN

Rolling a Swisher Leaf

Smoking a Swisher Leaf

Rolling and smoking a joint & FAT Dabs + storytime

Wax Joint Hotbox + Storytime

Dispensary Pickup Hotbox | CRAZY New Strain! (mini strain review)
how to roll a joint
how to roll a backwood

Strain Review – Acai Gelato x Kush Mints #11 by Seed Junky Genetics

Hey YouTube, I’m back with another video! For review today we have a very exotic strain which is a cross of Acai Gelato and Kush Mints #11 bred by Seed Junky Genetics! So sit back, smoke a joint and enjoy the video!

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Provider – @slayerz_club
Grower/Processor – Private ACMPR
Breeder – @seedjunky_jbeezy


Cal Scruby – Nostalgia (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RXtqpKo87d0)

Dino Duck by The Gooniez and Jelly Co Weed Strain Review and Smoke Sesh

The Zerofux Show Season 1 Episode 10 Strain Review Dino Duck by The Gooniez and Jelly Co

The Official Gooniez @officialgooniez
Jelly Cannabis Co. @jellycannabiscocali

Music by @zerofuxthecannabisconnoisseur & @ezduzit_music

Bong by @n3rdglass These days though all he does is make stuff glow 💯

Rolling Tray by @lemontree831 @thelemontreesc

Shirt by zerofux

Hoodie by @lemontree831

Grinder by @pinkdolphin

Papers by @rawlife247

Jars by @restashjar

Rosin Press by @nugsmasher_official

Stoner Story
Right, when the 215 legislation passed, it was a whole new world. With that being said, there was still risk involved every time you visited a dispensary. Marijuana, as it is now, was illegal at a federal level, and it was common for the Federal Government to raid dispensaries back then. Many visionaries took on that risk to change the world and normalize marijuana, marijuana use, and marijuana dispensaries even with severe consequences. Those few risk-takers actions changed America as we see marijuana being legalized and normalized in more states every day. Congrats, New York!

In the beginning, there were only dispensaries in Berekely and Oakland (Oaksterdam). The first legal dispensary in Berekely was BPG (Berkeley Patients Group). BPG was unlike any dispensary at the time. The building was a large circle, with very tall windows all the way around. The windows were covered with long white drapes but still allowed the natural sunlight to shine through.

When you first walked in you, there was a large lounge with many tables, allowing for hanging out and consumption. It was the norm to share a table with a stranger, smoke with them, and share stories. There was a glass counter with products like papers, glass pieces, BPG merch, and other head shop items along the wall. In the beginning, they had a professional joint roller that looked like Rasputin, roll joints for you of the weed you purchased. However, what made this lounge unique is that you did not need a Doctor’s Rec to get in. I was able to bring my friends without recs, and they were allowed to consume on sight. Now I know this is normalized now, but 21 years ago, hanging out at a public place smoking cannabis was taboo.

Going deeper into the building, past the glass counter, was the door to the backroom. There was a security guard there checking your OCBC (Oakland Cannabis Buyers Club) Card and allowing access. BPG thrived pre-rec. They introduced me to so many strains that became the stapes of everything we are smoking today. They also had an incredible selection of edibles, butter (butter bros.), and hashes.

Notwithstanding, a lot of what they have gone extinct. The pharmacy tins and SDSH (Super Duper Silver Haze) stood out the most. The SDSH wasn’t even a haze, but instead the real bubble gum strain, and it burned so clean. None of the bubble gum strains of today burn clean; they all sizzle.

So many unforgettable memories! Thanks, BPG! Happy 21st Anniversary! One of my favorite memories was DJing in the lounge. I went in more of a psychedelic rock mix, straying away from my usual hip hop and pop material. It was one of my favorite gigs as I was able to smoke at the turntables. Having different events and activities was the norm for BPG at the time. They had a calendar of events that included growing classes, yoga, music events, painting workshops, etc.

Not only do dispensaries take on risk but so do the cultivators. The cultivators I am discussing in today’s review are from the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge. The Official Gooniez and Jelly Co. are both San Francisco-based boutique cannabis cultivators. I have reviewed quite a few different Gooniez strains on the blog, but I am excited to see what Jelly Co. has to offer finally. Today I will be reviewing Dino Duck, the recent collab between The Gooniez and Jelly Co.

Dino Duck by Jelly Cannabis Co. and The Official Goonies has unknown genetics. However, the aroma of musty library books hints towards lemon cherry gelato being part of the genetics. Not to mention the really clean high that I believe is also an indicator, but let me not get ahead of myself.

Viewing the buds from a distance, the light green hue and long orange hairs dominate. There are some darker green and purple hues on some of the leaves, but for the most part, the appearance of these buds is bright green and covered in resinous trichome crystals.

Earlier in the review, I discussed Dino Duck’s aroma by Jelly Co and The Gooniez being similar to musty old library books. This is not my description of Lemon Cherry Gelato but instead someone who commented on my review. I didn’t want to accept the description in the beginning, but after trying it again. I can confirm the aroma is very similar. I would describe the scent as musky, creamy citrus lemon notes combined with sweet cherry notes complemented by delicate earthy notes.

Read the entire review at zerofux.org

Lemonade Lemon Cherry Gelato vs Plug Lemon Cherry Gelato – Strain Review #20

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In the twentieth episode of Strain Review I review two types of Lemon Cherry Gelato. I base my rating on 5 things: nose(smell), appearance, structure, taste, and effect, however because some of these attributes are more important than others I have the different categories weighted by importance. I give each category a score out of 10, but on the overall score the more important categories make up a bigger percentage of the score. The overall score is calculated as follows: 1. Effect(24%) 2. Appearance(22%) 3. Smell(20%) 4. Taste(18%) 5. Structure(16%)

Dela's Dope Deli Reviews Space Monkey Meds

In this weeks episode were reviewing some of the best Space Monkey Meds strains on the market!

Strains in this weeks episode:

– “Jet Fuel Gelato”
– “Gelato 41”
– “Monkey Bread”

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Cam Assistant: Buddha

Music in this Episode: Tommi Downz

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Baklava Strain Review – Alien Labs – Cannapedia

In today’s video I review the strain Baklava from Alien Labs. Baklava is an indica dominant hybrid strain that cross between Kosher Kush and Gelato 41.

Penny Pincher Test: PASS – 3.59 grams (Stated Weight – 3.50 grams)

Look: 2.5
Smell: 2.0
Taste: 2.0
Potency: 2.0

Cannapedia Rating: 8.5/10

Connect with Cannapedia:
YouTube: https://bit.ly/3dQn6DH
Instagram: https://bit.ly/2LGR80J

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