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Ghost Town strain review with talk about Catalyst Cannabis Co.

Last strain review of the week is Ghost Town from Catalyst Cannabis Co. and I review the Catalyst Cannabis Co in the process.

Catalyst cultivated this batch and it has a THC of 22.69% with CBD at 0.14%. The nugs were small and adorable with a good amount of frost on them. They looked spikey and had pretty green to dark leaves with a few purple. The aroma stomped me. I smelled the earthy tones, but there is a sweet spice flavor I cannot put my finger on. I squeezed the bud to release some stronger aroma and it gave off a sweet stinky flagrance I still couldn’t recognize.

Fire it up and nothing but smooth smoke no matter how hard you hit it. The smoke tastes just like it smells, I cannot put my finger on it. Half way through the smoke session I began tasting the aftertaste of black liquorice on the back of my breath. I love the way the smoke tastes, I just wish I knew what that flavor is exactly. 

The first few hits slowly started to relax me. My focus improved, anxiety went down, and my nerve pain started to get some relief. By the time I was done with the first bowl, I felt a complete body high that was lifting and all my pain was gone. My concentration was slightly affected where I would misuse words, but I was still able to slow down my thought process and stay on topic. My energy improved and I did not feel too stoned. I actually was very productive smoking this strain. I recommend this one if you have tasks you need to focus on. It is completely fine as a daytime strain.

Catalyst Cannabis Co. is one of the leading dispensaries in Anchorage. With two stores in Anchorage, you can find them on the south side and on Muldoon heading out of town. Both are beautiful on the inside and both are very busy! I usually wait until their parking lots have a few cars before I pay them a visit. Outstanding knowledgeable staff and budtenders who have never let me down. Awesome cannabis with nice packaging. Remember that their prices are marked higher because they include the deposit cost on the jars. Their website is top notch and they are actively fulfilling online orders from weedmaps. Their social media is decent with a good amount of engagement. Overall, they are doing amazing and it is showing. Keep at it Catalyst!

Good Bye and Stay High

Ghost Train Haze Sativa Dominant Hybrid Marijuana Weed Strain Review


Ghost Train Haze is a great sativa dominant strain with a clear headed energetic high.

THC: 3.9 mg/g / 212.6mg/g

Ghost Train Haze AAAA

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Ghost Train Haze Sativa Dominant
Ghost Train Haze
Ghost Train
Sativa weed

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