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Lava Cake by Wu Goo (Wu-Tang) Strain Review

It was 7 pm and the sun was just beginning to set over the Shoreline Amphitheater, the outdoor Mountain View venue. Snoop Dog was performing his first album, Doggystyle from beginning to end and the place was ecstatic.

I have never seen so much energy at a concert before. Everyone knowing and rapping literally every word of every song right along with Snoop. I stopped mid-song to look around to see the entire place jumping up and down. 22,000 people sharing an amazing experience.

It was 2010 and I was lucky enough to get tickets to Rock the Bells. What was so great about this concert series, is that it was known to have performers perform their classic albums.

So after Snoop came Wu-Tang performing their first album Enter the 36 Chambers. A classic album for sure and by far some of their best work. The performance was good but Snoop with a full head of hair and the energy of Doggystyle was a tough act to follow.

Wu-Tang Clan is a rap super group that formed in 1992 from Staten Island. The group and the individuals have seen a lot of success. The group recently accomplished a hip hop first making an album that was limited to a one copy pressing and then selling that one copy for 2 Million Dollars.

The Wu-Tang group is known for being entrepreneurial in other ways too. The group launched a clothing line that lasted quite some time, as well as recently launching a flavored vodka line and a line of Cannabis Products.

Being a long time fan of the Wu, it only makes sense for me to get some of Wu-Tang’s Wu-Goo and review it for you. On a recent trip to MedMen I was able to find some Lava Cake Flowers by Wu-Goo.

Lava Cake is a cross of Grape Pie and Girl Scout Cookies. While Grape Pie is a cross of Green Group’s Grape Stomper and Cherry Pie. I think of a golden era of flowers when GSC and Cherry Pie just dropped similar to the 90s golden era of hip hop.

So this is where things get disappointing. As I open the jar and begin to examine the colas, I notice a similarity between the MedMen Max Statemade and the Wu-Goo. Statemade is MedMen’s third party line that I was very disappointed with. You can really see similarities in the manicure job and mid boofish appearance.

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Music Provided by Rick Rockswell & EzDuZiT of The Bay Area Sound Collective


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