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Lava Cake by Wu Goo (Wu-Tang) Strain Review

It was 7 pm and the sun was just beginning to set over the Shoreline Amphitheater, the outdoor Mountain View venue. Snoop Dog was performing his first album, Doggystyle from beginning to end and the place was ecstatic.

I have never seen so much energy at a concert before. Everyone knowing and rapping literally every word of every song right along with Snoop. I stopped mid-song to look around to see the entire place jumping up and down. 22,000 people sharing an amazing experience.

It was 2010 and I was lucky enough to get tickets to Rock the Bells. What was so great about this concert series, is that it was known to have performers perform their classic albums.

So after Snoop came Wu-Tang performing their first album Enter the 36 Chambers. A classic album for sure and by far some of their best work. The performance was good but Snoop with a full head of hair and the energy of Doggystyle was a tough act to follow.

Wu-Tang Clan is a rap super group that formed in 1992 from Staten Island. The group and the individuals have seen a lot of success. The group recently accomplished a hip hop first making an album that was limited to a one copy pressing and then selling that one copy for 2 Million Dollars.

The Wu-Tang group is known for being entrepreneurial in other ways too. The group launched a clothing line that lasted quite some time, as well as recently launching a flavored vodka line and a line of Cannabis Products.

Being a long time fan of the Wu, it only makes sense for me to get some of Wu-Tang’s Wu-Goo and review it for you. On a recent trip to MedMen I was able to find some Lava Cake Flowers by Wu-Goo.

Lava Cake is a cross of Grape Pie and Girl Scout Cookies. While Grape Pie is a cross of Green Group’s Grape Stomper and Cherry Pie. I think of a golden era of flowers when GSC and Cherry Pie just dropped similar to the 90s golden era of hip hop.

So this is where things get disappointing. As I open the jar and begin to examine the colas, I notice a similarity between the MedMen Max Statemade and the Wu-Goo. Statemade is MedMen’s third party line that I was very disappointed with. You can really see similarities in the manicure job and mid boofish appearance.

See the whole review at https://zerofux.org

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Music Provided by Rick Rockswell & EzDuZiT of The Bay Area Sound Collective


RS11 by Doja Pak Wizard Trees and Deep East Exotic Cannabis Strain Review and Smoke Sesh Weedtube

The Zerofux Show Season 1 Episode 11 Strain Review RS11 by Doja Exclusive, Wizard Trees, and Deep East

Doja Exclusive @dojagang
Wizard Trees @wizard_trees
Deep East @_deepeast

Music by @rickrockswell

Bong by @n3rdglass These days though all he does is make stuff glow 💯

Rolling Tray by @lemontree831 @thelemontreesc

Clowns_Doing_Things Shirt by Zerofux

Hoodie by @obeygiant

Mylar Zerofux Bags by @allthejuice.co

Grinder by @pinkdolphin

Papers by @rawlife247

Jars by @restashjar

Rosin Press by @nugsmasher_official

On a recent dispensary excursion, I had a great encounter with a Budtender who recommend I review RS11 by Doja Pak, Wizard Trees, and Deep East. I have said it quite a few times before, and I will keep saying it. A good budtender can genuinely make the difference between a fantastic experience and a horrible experience. In an ideal scenario, a good budtender will guide customers to good batches describing the flowers’ detailed characteristics while straying them away from a popular brand or stain that is part of a bad batch. 

With that being said, there is a budtender at Cookies San Diego who consistently exceeds my expectation and is a wealth of knowledge. Danielle (@danidarkchoclit) is by far one of the better bud tenders I have met recently. She deep dives genetics with the best of them off the top of her head and can translate genetics into flavor profiles effortlessly. Most importantly, the Cookies menu is extensive, and that amount of knowledge is daunting. Great work Dani! Keep it up!

RS11 is the first strain I am reviewing by Doja Pak, Wizard Trees, and Deep East. RS11 is an exclusive strain for the group and has a very impressive genetic makeup. The RS11 Strain continues to be very popular and in high demand many months after it first dropped.

RS11 by Doja Pak, Wizard Trees, and Deep East is a cross of Black Sherbert, OZ Kush, and Pink Guava. I must say that is quite the new school supergroup, and it only makes sense the cross would create a strain everyone is talking about.

was very impressed with the appearance and bud structure. For the most part, my eighth was one giant bud paired with a couple of tiny buds. The Flowers have a purplish hue indicating it more is more sherbert and skittlez dominant.

Read the Entire Review at https://zerofux.org

Dino Duck by The Gooniez and Jelly Co Weed Strain Review and Smoke Sesh

The Zerofux Show Season 1 Episode 10 Strain Review Dino Duck by The Gooniez and Jelly Co

The Official Gooniez @officialgooniez
Jelly Cannabis Co. @jellycannabiscocali

Music by @zerofuxthecannabisconnoisseur & @ezduzit_music

Bong by @n3rdglass These days though all he does is make stuff glow 💯

Rolling Tray by @lemontree831 @thelemontreesc

Shirt by zerofux

Hoodie by @lemontree831

Grinder by @pinkdolphin

Papers by @rawlife247

Jars by @restashjar

Rosin Press by @nugsmasher_official

Stoner Story
Right, when the 215 legislation passed, it was a whole new world. With that being said, there was still risk involved every time you visited a dispensary. Marijuana, as it is now, was illegal at a federal level, and it was common for the Federal Government to raid dispensaries back then. Many visionaries took on that risk to change the world and normalize marijuana, marijuana use, and marijuana dispensaries even with severe consequences. Those few risk-takers actions changed America as we see marijuana being legalized and normalized in more states every day. Congrats, New York!

In the beginning, there were only dispensaries in Berekely and Oakland (Oaksterdam). The first legal dispensary in Berekely was BPG (Berkeley Patients Group). BPG was unlike any dispensary at the time. The building was a large circle, with very tall windows all the way around. The windows were covered with long white drapes but still allowed the natural sunlight to shine through.

When you first walked in you, there was a large lounge with many tables, allowing for hanging out and consumption. It was the norm to share a table with a stranger, smoke with them, and share stories. There was a glass counter with products like papers, glass pieces, BPG merch, and other head shop items along the wall. In the beginning, they had a professional joint roller that looked like Rasputin, roll joints for you of the weed you purchased. However, what made this lounge unique is that you did not need a Doctor’s Rec to get in. I was able to bring my friends without recs, and they were allowed to consume on sight. Now I know this is normalized now, but 21 years ago, hanging out at a public place smoking cannabis was taboo.

Going deeper into the building, past the glass counter, was the door to the backroom. There was a security guard there checking your OCBC (Oakland Cannabis Buyers Club) Card and allowing access. BPG thrived pre-rec. They introduced me to so many strains that became the stapes of everything we are smoking today. They also had an incredible selection of edibles, butter (butter bros.), and hashes.

Notwithstanding, a lot of what they have gone extinct. The pharmacy tins and SDSH (Super Duper Silver Haze) stood out the most. The SDSH wasn’t even a haze, but instead the real bubble gum strain, and it burned so clean. None of the bubble gum strains of today burn clean; they all sizzle.

So many unforgettable memories! Thanks, BPG! Happy 21st Anniversary! One of my favorite memories was DJing in the lounge. I went in more of a psychedelic rock mix, straying away from my usual hip hop and pop material. It was one of my favorite gigs as I was able to smoke at the turntables. Having different events and activities was the norm for BPG at the time. They had a calendar of events that included growing classes, yoga, music events, painting workshops, etc.

Not only do dispensaries take on risk but so do the cultivators. The cultivators I am discussing in today’s review are from the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge. The Official Gooniez and Jelly Co. are both San Francisco-based boutique cannabis cultivators. I have reviewed quite a few different Gooniez strains on the blog, but I am excited to see what Jelly Co. has to offer finally. Today I will be reviewing Dino Duck, the recent collab between The Gooniez and Jelly Co.

Dino Duck by Jelly Cannabis Co. and The Official Goonies has unknown genetics. However, the aroma of musty library books hints towards lemon cherry gelato being part of the genetics. Not to mention the really clean high that I believe is also an indicator, but let me not get ahead of myself.

Viewing the buds from a distance, the light green hue and long orange hairs dominate. There are some darker green and purple hues on some of the leaves, but for the most part, the appearance of these buds is bright green and covered in resinous trichome crystals.

Earlier in the review, I discussed Dino Duck’s aroma by Jelly Co and The Gooniez being similar to musty old library books. This is not my description of Lemon Cherry Gelato but instead someone who commented on my review. I didn’t want to accept the description in the beginning, but after trying it again. I can confirm the aroma is very similar. I would describe the scent as musky, creamy citrus lemon notes combined with sweet cherry notes complemented by delicate earthy notes.

Read the entire review at zerofux.org

I TALKED TO A CANNABIS SCIENTIST ! (Smoke with me / strain review )

I talked to a well known cannabis scientist in the industry by the name of @ddr002 on Instagram. Had an interesting conversation so stay tuned the whole video !
#science #trending

Galactic Gas by Alien Labs Cannabis Strain Review & Interview with Scott McKay Streetfighter Patriot

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