Sundial – Lemon Riot: Vape Cartridge | The Strain Review

This is Lemon Riot, by Sundial. This is the vape cartridge version of sundials organic counterpart. The cartridge that we received comes in a 79.1% THC and 0.15% CBD and was packaged on November 17, 2019.
Once you get into the very nice sundial packaging and have the first 3 second inhale, the effects can be very similar to the flower version of this strain. We felt an energetic high from this Sativa dominant hybrid. Unlike the Redecan trainwreck, we weren’t immediately overwhelmed by the high. As we went about our day the high was present but didn’t take over so we could get our work done, but have a smile on our face. As the high came to an end, there was no present crash in energy for us so we were happy to take some more as we wanted to continue enjoying the rest of our afternoon. Overall, this strain would be great for anyone who uses cannabis throughout the day but doesn’t want to crash in the afternoon. We experienced a level amount of energy until it wore off into a relaxed state. Enjoy.

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Lemon Cake Strain Review

Lemon Cake is a strain from ozone that crosses Lemon Heads x Lava Cake. This tested at 31% THC. I purchased it at Asecnd in Collinsville, Illinois.

LOOK: 9.4/10
SMELL: 8.9/10
BREAK-UP: 7.5/10
HIGH: 8.4/10
TASTE: 7.9/10

OVERALL: 8.4/10…Good hybrid with an exotic instagramable look and a lemon flavor. Offers some pain relief and appetite stimulation.

Lemon Grenades strain Review 19% THC (The Grow Variety Show ep.126)

A review of the Lemon Grenades strain.
(Super Lemon Haze x Pineapple Grenades)

Smoked out of a bong & a RAW paper. I drink a couple of beers, as well.

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